Using Swimming Pools And Koi Ponds for Fish Farming

Here is how you can convert a swimming pool to your backyard fish farm:

1. Find a Pool

If you have an in-ground pool (first, lucky you!) that you are tired of keeping up, then converting it into a backyard fish farm might be a good option for you.

But if you don’t have an in ground pool, you can always purchase an above ground pool. Depending upon the time of year, you might be able to get a great deal on it.

2. Add the Water and Begin Building Your Ecosystem

Honestly, if you are looking for an easy way to raise fish then you might actually prefer to just feed them store bought food.

However, if you are looking to be completely self-sustained, then in the long run, taking the time and effort to build your own ecosystem will be your best route.

3. Add Aquatic Plants

You will want to add aquatic plants as a natural filtration system. You can use plants like Papyrus or Taro.

But what a lot of people do is they actually raise these plants in galvanized tubs with gravel in the bottom.

Then you insert a pond pump that will allow the filtered water from the plants to flow back into the swimming pool.

So this way the nasty water your fish put out is being cleaned naturally and then having fresh water pumped back into their living area to give them much better living conditions, and yourself a food source.

How to Convert a Koi Pond into a Fish Farm

I love Koi ponds. I think they are pretty to look at and add a nice touch to an outdoor space. But if you are like me, if I have something on my property (pretty or not) it has to serve a purpose.

So why not put your koi pond to good use? Here is how:

1. Get a Koi Pond

You can purchase koi ponds of different sizes in most home and garden store. You can also purchase them online.

However, you will need to consider how many fish you want to raise before purchasing. You would hate to have a koi pond that was too small.

But it would probably be equally as frustrating if you purchased a great big koi pond and didn’t utilize it to its fullest potential.

So try to come up with a ballpark figure of how many fish you’d actually like to raise.

2. Add the Water and Develop the Ecosystem

Just like with the swimming pool you’ll need to add regular water. Again, be sure that you don’t add chlorine or anything chemical to it.

However, they do offer some chemicals that you can purchase that are supposed to keep algae away. But if you are forming a natural ecosystem then algae is a good thing.

So what you do or don’t use in your koi pond will all depend upon if you are trying to go all natural with a diy ecosystem or if you just plan on feeding your fish.

And that is all there is to starting your own fish farm in your koi pond.