Starting a Farm

Learn About Farming

If you are still waiting on the perfect parcel of land to pop up, then one thing you can do in the meantime is to learn more about farming.

Decide What Kind of Farm You Want

What appeals to you? Do you fancy a small farm business, a hobby farm, or a homestead?

Design Your Farm

Do you like the idea of having a diversified farm, where you do a little bit of everything, or do you want to specialize in one item, perhaps an alternative crop or enterprise that is a bit off the beaten path? Allow yourself to dream. And, start making a design for a small farm.

Marketing Small Farm Products

Direct Farm Sales

You can sell your wares directly from your farm, via a farm stand or even just from a barn or other structure on your property. This has the advantage of convenience - you don't have to lug produce anywhere.

Farmers' Markets

You will need a table or other way to display your products, perhaps a canopy, and a van or truck or trailer for you to transport the farm goods to the markets. The disadvantage is in labour and time required for packing, setting up, handling transactions, and repacking and taking it all home to the farm.

The Internet

If you have a website, social media accounts and internet presence generally, people will be able to find you.

What Should You Consider?

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    Vision and Values

    A farm is an extension of the vision and values of the individual(s) who start(s) it. It has to be carefully planned to make sure that it fits within that vision as well as within the particular confines of the place where it is established.

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    New farms need to have a well-designed plan that takes into consideration individual infrastructure and needs, the viability of marketing strategies, and the farmer’s production capacity and knowledge.

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    Education and Experience

    Preparation, knowledge, and training are essential. But so is being able to adapt quickly to the unexpected and persevere when factors beyond one’s control conspire against you. One should know how, when, where and on what to expend time, energy, and resources.

Heroes Behind the Company

Aparart is the conduit through which our members learn, maintain standards of professional expertise and ultimately advance their careers. Our goal is to improve the productivity of farms.

Corinna Toller

Founder of Aparart Educational Studio

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